Crisis Loan Contact Number – 0843 487 1802

Crisis Loan contact numberDespite the closure of the Crisis Loans scheme, those who have borrowed money in the past still have a liability to pay it back. Crisis Loans were previously administered by the Jobcentre Plus, so if you are searching for a Crisis Loan contact number to discuss a loan you are already repaying you should contact them directly.

Crisis Loans in Northern Ireland

Those living in Northern Ireland are still eligible to apply for a Crisis Loan if they do not have enough money to meet short term needs as a result of a disaster, or if, without the loan there would be a detrimental effect on their or their family’s health and safety. Northern Ireland residents should contact the Crisis Loan Helpline for more information or to make an application.

Budgeting Loans in England, Scotland and Wales

Similar to Crisis Loans across England, Scotland and Wales is the new Budgeting Loan. These are interest-free loans that assist those who have been receiving income-related benefits for over 26 weeks to cover the cost of essential items such as furniture, rent or clothes. The loans are interest-free and the usual repayment term is 104 weeks. 

The amount that you are able to borrow under the Budgeting Loan is dependent on your personal circumstances, with the minimum amount that you can borrow being £100 and the maximum £1500. The loans can be paid out to help you cover costs such as rent, travelling expenses, maternity expenses, funeral expenses, removal expenses for moving house or essential furniture or household goods. If you wish to apply for such a loan, or need any more information, rather than using a Crisis Loan helpline, you will need to contact JobCentre Plus.

Other Financial Assistance in England, Scotland and Wales

If you are searching for a Crisis Loan phone number because you need financial assistance and you do not qualify for a Budgeting Loan, perhaps because you do not receive any income-related benefits, you may still be eligible to receive assistance from your Local Authority. If you are in England or Scotland you will need to contact your Local Authority directly, requesting the Crisis Loan contact number, in order to enquire about what assistance can be offered. Those in Wales should contact The Discretionary Assistance Fund for Wales.